My Symptom List

One of the many disturbing aspects of LD is that it can invade literally any part of the body, including vital organs, causing a complicated array of symptoms. This is one of the reasons that Lyme is so difficult to diagnose and many doctors are simply confused by their patient’s symptoms. The following list shows the main symptoms that I’ve dealt with over the past year. I look forward to watching the list grow shorter and shorter as my treatment progresses!

Head, Face, Neck
Unexplained hair loss
Headache (severe, unresponsive to over-the-counter medicine)
Twitching of facial muscles
Jaw pain or stiffness- severe at times

Increased floating spots
Pain in eyes or swelling around eyes
Oversensitivity to light
Flashing lights

Episodes of decreased hearing in one or both ears
Ringing or pain in ears

Musculoskeletal System
Stiffness of joints
Muscle pain and stiffness, constant and can be severe
Rib soreness
Backache, severe at times
Weakness in legs
Migrating pain

Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
Shortness of breath, cough

Digestive and Excretory Systems
Sore throat, prolonged

Neurologic System
Feeling of pressure in head without an actual “headache”
Numbness in body, tingling, general nerve pain
Dizziness, Lightheadedness
Increased motion sickness
Migraines with aura

Reproduction & Sexuality
Dysmenorrhea or unexplained menstrual and breast pain

Mental Capability
Memory problems (short or long-term memory failures)
Difficulty with concentration or reading

Psychological Well-being
Sleep disturbances (difficulty falling asleep)
Anxiety, panic
Occasional episodes of depression (circumstantial)

Extreme fatigue

4 thoughts on “My Symptom List

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  2. Sharing symptoms I believe is such an important part of this disease. For me it makes me feel less alone. I just wrote an article for a local magazine and listed a few of my symptoms… a few weeks later someone called me crying because he had these symptoms and thought he was going crazy. I’ve been in treatment for 14 months now and still find comfort in knowing I’m not alone. so, thanks !

    • I agree so completely, and that is the exact reason that I have listed my symptoms here! Hope you are feeling better and better as treatment progresses. I know it can be up and down, but just keep on keepin on! Xx.

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